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We would like to introduce Diamond Restorations, Inc to you. We specialize in Marble, Stone and Wood restoration work. We are dedicated to provide restoration service with results that are safe, durable, and have a high appearance level and environmentally friendly services.

When the need for Marble restorations arises for you, we hope you will consider us as your marble company. We are certain that you will be pleased with our exquisite work, and that we will meet the high standards of your organization.

Diamond Restorations Inc.

Our claim to fame is that we can bring a large number of trained personnel and equipment to any site in the country and finish our task on time and within budget. We have restored many hotels that are 100% sold out and still turned over 25 rooms for sale that same night. We can work around faucets, commodes and pipes without removing them.

We cause no dust, very little noise (no vacuums), and leave our work area as clean as we found it. In common areas we work within rooms or barriers that keep the area safe at all times.